Be Ahead of the Curve

Protect employees. Become CDC-compliant.
Stay open with confidence.

Turing Shield
Non-Contact Body Temperature Scanner and Platform

We’re on a mission to make the workplace safe for your employees and customers to return to…and stay.

As we enter unsettled waters for American businesses, there are ever-changing health directives, complex record-keeping requirements, and a litany of lawsuits to keep track of. Any one of these can bring your business crashing down…and you may never recover.

It’s a lot to think about.


Decisive actions now can secure a more stable future.You have people who are relying on what you do next.

It’s time to fortify your business so it can thrive in the next version of normal. You need a COVID-19 response that can bring you peace of mind and mitigate risks.

A solution that will scale and move with you into whatever the future brings.

With the Turing Shield, you get a holistic system that takes fast and accurate non-contact temperature screenings, detects and announces mask compliance, and uses HIPAA-compliant data management for effortless and encrypted contract tracing if you need it. It will bring immediate safety to your workplace with CDC-compliant protocols and procedures to reopen and stay open.

The system can be delivered within days and be set up and integrated into existing platforms in under an hour. You’ll be able to prove you’ve done everything possible to keep those who rely on you safe. Instead of tension and skepticism in your ranks, you’ll infuse trust and confidence that your approach is safeguarding employee and customer health.

You’ll be leading the way. And people will notice. You can finally get back to what you and your business do best. If you have the Turing Shield, you will be prepared and capable of staying open safely, even when those around you are shutting down forever.