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Turing Shield COVID-19 Response Solution (Albertson)

Turing Shield – Covid-19 Response Solution (Albertson)

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Support Email:
Support Phone: 866.216.6026

Turing Shield is a COVID-19 response solution that combines enterprise-grade AI-powered non-contact body temperature thermal scanner with a highly secure cloud-based data management platform to help organizations reopen with confidence and peace of mind.

Turing Shield supports COVID-19 response protocols and aligns with Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Turing Shield provides a highly-secured encrypted data management platform with a safe and secure record-keeping that will help with employee worker compensation claims as well as mitigate organizational risk.

Easy Installation

  • Simple Plug and Play Design

COVID-19 Response Protocol

  • Built-in CDC health questionnaire
  • Face mask detection
  • Temperature screening
  • Employee ID scan via barcode or HID card
  • Contact tracing capability

AI-powered Data Management Platform

  • Centralized monitoring of all thermal scanners
  • Safe and secore record-keeping with optional biometric data
  • Real-time visibility into high temperature readings
  • Time clock integration

Access Control

  • Modular manufacturing design allows flexible customization
  • Supports HID card access, badge printing and many more