Turing Robotics
#1 Autonomous Patrol Robot

400+ Sites Deployed Globally
100,000,000+ Sq. ft. Facility Area Patrolled

World’s Most Affordable Indoor Patrolling Robot. Equipped with AI and environment sensors to keep your property, employees and customers safe.

  • 24/7 autonomous patrol and operations with auto self charge
  • Easy Installation, simple setup & controls
  • Customizable patrol routes
  • Real-time live streaming video, record & store multiple maps
  • Maneuver around & detect changing surroundings
  • Gas detection sensors
  • Unlimited cloud-based record storage
  • AI-powered data management platform, centralized monitoring of all robots
  • In Stock: Configured and ships from California
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What’s New in 2021

Security Presence while Your Employees Work from Home

Developed by industry-leading robotics engineers, Turing Robotics combines advanced environmental sensing and self-driving technology to autonomously navigate your facility and identifying anomalies and security risks. Turing Robotics allows you to have a security presence in your space while your employees are working remotely.

  • Easy & Simple Setup
  • Equipped with 360° HD camera
  • Upgraded TOF Lidar with effective range of 40m
  • Onboard environmental sensors
  • Maps and routes sharing among robots
  • Wide field-of-view laser scanner that detects obstacles on the ground
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Turing has employees operating throughout the US, CA and other countries, ready to support your needs

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Autonomous, State-of-the-Art and Reliable, the perfect side-kick to keep your facility secure

News on Smart Surveillance & Security Robot

Nimbo, an AI-powered security robot for video analytics and autonomous patrol. The robot can recognize over 80 categories of things with the capability to react automatically to events with customized responses. Soon after, the US-based startup launched AI Video Platform, a plug-and-play intelligent video-monitoring tool powered by deep learning software and cloud storage. Turing Video’s value: security guards could stay in command centers and robots did the patrolling.