Data Access Management Platform

Data Access Management Platform seamless integrates with Turing’s wide array of products and serves as the central management hub to monitor and stay informed

  • High Temperature Alerting via E-Mail & SMS
  • High Temperature Alert Reporting and Statistics
  • User Management
  • On Premises – Wifi & LTE
  • Secure – Data Encryption, Pen Test & SOC-2 Compliance

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Contact Us

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What’s New in 2020

Key Features to help you Access, Analyze and Stay Informed

  • Desktop & Mobile Dashboards
  • Architecture for both Wifi and LTE
  • High Temperature Alert Tracking
  • Email Notification and Mobile App
  • Remote System Settings
Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact us or give us a call to discover how we can help.

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Stay informed and Re-Open with Confidence with Turing’s Data Access Management Platform

News on COVID-19 Re-Opening across the United States

Near the entrance where workers load into buses and head out to the fields, they now pause to have their body temperatures checked by a scanner that resembles a small tablet on a stand. Sometimes they lean down and in until they get the go-ahead: “Your body temperature is normal,” a voice confirms.

The workers get checked twice a day, before they head to work and when they return, Rossi said. Along the walls, signage in Spanish reminds the workers of the symptoms of COVID-19 and guidelines for maintaining distance. So far, no field workers have tested positive for the virus, Rossi said.

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