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Artificial Intelligence | Computer Vision | Robotics | Security + Health Solutions

Turing Video was founded in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2017.  Our team’s vision is to utilize AI and robotics to bridge the space between security and technology to advance industries and human capabilities.  At our very core, we develop complex, deep-learning machine learning models to integrate with industry-proven robotics, video analytics, and health solutions to create interconnected AI-enabled IoT (Internet of Thing) solutions unlike any other in the world. Our diverse team of engineers and entrepreneurs create an environment rich in ideas, explorations, and solutions.  Since our inception, we have expanded our footprint around the world where Turing’s products have become key assets for managing operations at leading real estate companies, top 100 retails, casinos and gaming, and corporate data centers.

Turing's Journey



USC – Ph.D. – Artificial Intelligence
UCLA – Ph.D. – Semiconductor, Clean Energy

Turing’s Founders studied and received their Ph.D.s  from USC and UCLA in artificial intelligence + computer vision, and semiconductor, clean energy, and nanofabrication technology, respectively.  They met at a joint school event and quickly discovered that they shared a similar passion to combine artificial intelligence and robotics together to change the world.

50+ Academic Publications
12+ Issued and Pending U.S. Patents

Turing’s founders published 50+ academic papers including publications in prestigious academic journals like Nature, IEEE, Journal of American Chemical Society, and Journal of Materials Chemistry.

Turing’s founders have more than a dozen issued and pending U.S. patents, notably in Video Event Detection and Cloud Platform with Multi-Camera Synchronization.




Turing Video Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley
Located in San Mateo, California

Turing Video Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2017 with a focus on AI-based video analytics and robotics for the property security industry.  Turing’s headquarter is located in San Mateo, CA.

Turing’s executive team is consists of industry leaders from EMC, Apple, Google, Samsung, Anki, Applied Materials, Hasbro, and Sinovation Ventures.

Global Presence
400+ Sites
50,000+ Cameras and Robots
100,000,000+ Sqft Facility Area

We have expanded our footprint around the world.  Over 400+ sites are using Turing’s security offerings.  Turing’s security platform is managing 50,000+ cameras and robots.  Over 100,000,000+ sqft of facility area is currently under Turing’s management.

Turing’s products have become key assets for managing operations at leading real estate companies, top 100 retailers, casinos and gaming, and corporate data centers around the world.



Introducing Turing’s
Security Robot

Nimbo – Security Robot

    • Security Force Multiplier

Autonomous patrol and charging
Responds to intruders with a siren or verbal warning
Streams live video

    • Powered by AI

Unlimited map and route storage
Recognizes over 80+ different type of objects

    • User-Friendly

Control Nimbo from your mobile device
Setup Nimbo in under five minutes
Customizable notifications

Introducing Turing’s
Body Temperature Scanner

Non-Contact Body Temperature Scanner

Reduce the risk of employees and customers being exposed to COVID-19

  • Non-Contact Scanning
  • 0.5°F Accuracy – fight against COVID-19
  • 0.1 of a second scans keeps lines from forming
  • Suitable for adjunct use in public areas

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